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Perfect Portfolio E-Book Now Available

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The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio—my how-to book for Canadian index investors—is now available in electronic formats. If you have an iPad, Kobo or Kindle you can now become a Couch Potato without even leaving the house. You can buy your very own e-book for just $4.99 by clicking one of the links below:

 Apple iPad Edition

 Kobo Edition

 Amazon Kindle Edition

You can rebalance next week

In other international news, US stock exchanges are closed for the second day due to the dangers posed by Hurricane Sandy. If you were planning to make any ETF trades in your portfolio this week, you should be aware of how these closures might affect you. The Canadian ETF Association released the following notice yesterday:

Investors should expect wider than normal bid/ask spreads while the U.S. markets are closed and we recommend all investors exercise caution if trading.

Most Canadian listed ETFs which have exposure to U.S. securities can be traded today. Investors need to understand that the price they pay for these ETFs may not reflect the underlying net-asset-value of the ETF which cannot be accurately determined with U.S. markets closed.

In some circumstances, redemption and subscriptions of Canadian listed ETFs which have exposure to U.S. securities or indices may be halted. Please check with an ETF provider or your securities broker to determine to determine if which ETFs are affected.

Markets may be volatile even after trading resumes on Wednesday. Unless you have no choice, you may want to put off any portfolio activity for a few days until things settle down.