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Announcing Some Site Updates

2012-03-20T22:08:41+00:00March 20th, 2012|Categories: Indexing Basics|14 Comments

Spring is a time for renewal, so I am happy to announce that I have freshened up some of the permanent pages on the blog to make them more useful.

When I launched this blog more than two years ago, there were just few dozen Canadian ETFs, so it was practical to catalogue them on a single page. No longer. Today there are more than 300 exchange-traded products on the TSX, with so many being added that it is impossible for me to keep the page up to date.

Moreover, I feel that I can do far more service by helping readers navigate the dizzying array of choices. So the new ETFs page includes a small number of recommendations for each of the major asset classes. I have also included US-listed ETFs among these recommendations, where appropriate.

The situation is different with index mutual funds. The sad truth is that most index funds in Canada are so expensive that they’re not worth recommending to anyone. So my new Index Funds page includes only those that are genuinely useful, as well as some guidance about which fund family may be appropriate for different circumstances.

Finally, I have deleted the Cheapskate’s Portfolio from my Model Portfolios page. The appearance of Vanguard in Canada has made this portfolio mostly obsolete. I’ve also come to believe that any portfolio large enough to be meaningfully affected by a few basis points in cost should be more diversified anyway. The Complete Couch Potato would be a better choice.