A Tax Tip for Vanguard ETF Investors

April 2, 2014

As the tax filing deadline approaches, many investors are busy calculating the adjusted cost base for their ETF holdings. Last year at this time, Justin Bender and I collaborated on a paper called As Easy as ACB, which explains the rather complicated procedure. An often overlooked part of ACB calculation involves adjusting for reinvested distributions […]

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The Couch Potato Mutual Fund is Here At Last

April 1, 2014

[Note: This was an April Fool's joke!] One of the perennial problems with ETFs is they require you to open a discount brokerage account and learn to trade individual securities. That can be intimidating, especially for those who are accustomed to buying mutual funds. For several years now, I’ve been investigating ways to bring the […]

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iShares Cuts Its Fees to the Core

March 25, 2014

That sound you just heard was the latest shot fired in Canada’s ETF price war. iShares has just slashed the management fees on several popular equity and bond ETFs—and just like that the country’s oldest ETF provider has become the cheapest in many categories. BlackRock has rebranded nine ETFs as the iShares Core Series, “a […]

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